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TCS&D Show Overview

TCS&D Show Overview

It’s been a few weeks since the Truckcraft team decamped to Peterborough to attend the Temperature Controlled Storage & Distribution Exhibition 2019. We’ve taken the time to reflect on our experiences while there and tease out the invaluable insights that attendance gave us.

We aimed to showcase our new generation of delivery vehicles, particularly our low-entry fridge freezer. Equally important was to meet new clients and get feedback and reaction about this innovative product that’s aimed at the foods and pharmaceutical sectors.

Of particular interest was how to hear the industry’s comments and opinions regarding our innovative partnership with TRAILAR and the eco-friendly edge their solar technology has given our product range.

Potential New Markets

The Truckcraft stand attracted a lot of TCS&D Show visitors, and it soon became apparent that the low entry fridge freezer has a much broader appeal than at first envisaged. As Emma Jane Hamilton, our Senior Sales Executive was delighted to learn.

“Interest was not restricted to just a couple of specific sectors as we thought, namely the pharmaceuticals and home delivery market. We found that the van has applications for the transportation of animals/insects, food production companies and could be even used as a versatile mobile shop.”

Truckcraft FD Steven Leary had a similar reaction

‘A big point that came out of it for me was the variety of end-users that the vehicle would suit. That’s great to know for an ambitious company like ours. We’ll certainly be exploring the possibilities going forward.”

Truly Unique

The other key theme that emerged was equally exciting. One of the advantages of being at an event like the TCS&D Show means it’s very easy to benchmark your products with industry competitors to weigh up how they compare.

And the fantastic conclusion that all the Truckcraft team came to was there is “…nothing else like our product currently in the market place.”

That stands as a testament to the hard work put in by our team to recognise a substantial gap in the delivery vehicle market and develop a product that fits it like a glove.

The team learned the low-entry refrigerated truck body is truly unique. And given the questions and interest shown at the TCS&D Show, it’s clear Truckcraft has developed a world-beating product. A vehicle that is packed with innovative features like solar assistance, versatile racking solutions and eco-credentials capable of tackling the harshest of clean air zone legislation.

And all in a vehicle that is proven to save you money too. Like we said: truly unique

Making Contacts

The point of attending shows like the TCS&D is to introduce our company and products to new clients. To show them that Truckcraft is developing products for the delivery sector that have the future firmly in mind. A range of delivery vehicles that are highly capable of facing future challenges for our industry.

From that point of view, our attendance at the TCS&D Show 2019 was an unqualified success. We’ll look to exhibit at similar shows in the future and fly the flag for the great work we’re doing here in the North West.

Well done, everyone!

For more information on our TCS&D experiences or about our range of delivery trucks and vans, please contact the Truckcraft Bodies sales team on 0161 304 9404. Alternatively, email or

Published: Aug 27

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