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Research & Development At Truckcraft Bodies

Research & Development At Truckcraft Bodies

A classic dinner party fact is that a shark must keep moving forward to stay alive. It needs the constant flow of oxygen-rich water over its gills to ensure its survival. It’s an analogy often used to illustrate that businesses need to maintain steady forward momentum in order to stay relevant in fast-moving markets.

From that point of view, it’s a great example. Companies that fail to innovate or don’t strive to meet changing customer needs will soon find they start to fall foul of the shark-like attacks of competitors. From there, it’s all over.

At Truckcraft Bodies research and development is in our blood. We understand the need to develop new products that meet client needs and the importance of a flexible approach in how we build our trucks to satisfy some specific requests. Just look at just some of the ways we have gone the extra mile to develop bespoke products for our clients.

A Clear Improvement

Glazing unit manufacturer Regency Glass wanted a curtain side body that can transport large, fragile panes of glass — understanding their needs we designed a truck body incorporating a unique, ‘glass-friendly’ rack to make this possible for them.

A Slick Solution

Veg Oil is a company who distribute and collect waste vegetable oil to be safely recycled. In a standard truck, the oil was spilling making the floor slippery, difficult to clean and dangerous. The Truckbody team designed a non-slip false floor and an innovative system where the spilt oil can be drained from the body via a dedicated tap.

Getting The Message

Mobile Advertising – our customer Advango wanted a vehicle body they could use as a versatile mobile advertising platform. After considering several designs, our team developed a solution that allows Advango to do their mobile adverts that they can easily change and adapt as required by their business.

How Can We Help You?

The Truckcraft team are proud of our flexibility in designing bespoke truck bodies for any delivery business. Tell us your challenge, and we’ll get to work creating a unique truck body that meets your exact requirements and helps your business to prosper.

With over fifteen years of industry experience, there are no issues we can’t solve or any truck body formats we can’t build. Just ask. We thrive on the challenge and get great satisfaction from applying our research and development skills to solve interesting and complex problems that help to push the truck body sector forwards.

Just like that shark, we’re hungry for success, and we won’t stop moving forward, striving to make the very best truck bodies money can buy

For more information on how we can develop a bespoke vehicle for your business, please contact the Truckcraft Bodies sales team on 0161 304 9404. Alternatively, email or

Published: May 22

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