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Loads More Fines

Loads More Fines

Delivering and picking up consignments is the lifeblood of the logistics sector. It’s the very reason why delivery and haulage firms exist.

Every day millions of parcels, pallets and boxes are dropped off or picked up throughout the UK. In cities, towns, rural areas and remote, far-flung corners. We rarely think about it. But without this activity, we’d live very different lives. How would our food, medicines, clothes or fuel get to us without someone to deliver it?

Arguably, the most challenging deliveries are in city centres where room to legally park vehicles is in short supply. Usually, this means the use of loading bays where drivers can pull up, drop off or collect a parcel without being fined or admonished by traffic enforcement.

Loads A Money!

A recent study by Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle division identified a worrying trend. Based on FOI information requests, VW found that van drivers have had £1.7million in fines levied over the past three years for the incorrect use of loading bays.

And the situation is escalating with annual increases of 10% of tickets issued to delivery drivers.

So What’s Going On?

The subplot here points to increased vigilance by parking enforcement in cash-strapped city councils. The study found that Glasgow, Manchester and Haringey are particularly keen to spot and punish incorrect use of loading bays.

Maybe there’s also a need to train drivers on the correct rules for the use of these zones.

In short, loading bays should only be used to collect or deliver a parcel that requires the use of a vehicle. It’s recommended hazard lights are used to show delivery is underway. Once complete, the driver should vacate the spot immediately. Conversely, it’s an offence to park in a loading bay while waiting for a space to come free, to drop off people or to stay longer than the street signs state.

Drivers can be sure there’s almost certainly a set of beady eyes watching them at work, waiting to pounce and extract a stinging fine should they break the rules. Ouch!

Load Up On The Correct Info’

As important is that drivers know the loading/unloading guidelines for each city they visit and ensure they follow these rules to the letter. The use of mobile technology is useful here combined with one of the many available parking apps to help drivers make wise, penalty-free parking choices

Volkswagen’s study does note that around 20% of these tickets are turned over on appeal. But that still leaves a big chunk of these costs down to poor driver knowledge. As Sarah Cox, head of marketing at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles confirms:

"As this research reveals, PCNs are costing businesses thousands of pounds a year when, in fact, they can be avoided completely if you understand the rules correctly.

"Loading bays are an essential part of the red route network as they allow businesses to access central locations to make and receive important deliveries. As the rules change between councils, it is crucial that you check before you park."

It’s Getting Tough Out There

The Truckcraft team have every sympathy with our colleagues in the delivery sector. It seems every day there are more costly hazards to negotiate, including CAZ schemes and now enhanced loading bay compliance. One thing that will help is the use of a premium Truckcraft-built vehicle. They may not help you avoid fines, but you can be sure they’ve been designed to enable swift deliveries and will always be supremely reliable.

In a Truckcraft van, you’ll be in and out of that loading bay in no time!

For more information on our range of city-friendly delivery trucks and vans, please contact the Truckcraft Bodies sales team on 0161 304 9404. Alternatively, email or

Published: Sep 24

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