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Leeds Sparks Businesses To Trial EVs

Leeds Sparks Businesses To Trial EVs

Try before you buy has become a popular approach in the sales of a wide range of goods and services. It gives consumers the chance to check if their potential purchases suit them and offer a no-obligation option of looking elsewhere if the product doesn’t meet their needs. It’s a retail process used in the marketing of cars, spectacles, garments and even paint. Analysts say it’s set to expand as a business model especially as online ordering continues to grow.

It’s an approach that’s now being applied to electric vans.

In a groundbreaking experiment, Leeds City Council, in conjunction with the Highways Agency, has launched an EV trials scheme. Businesses and charities will be able to trial an electric van for up to two months to assess if an investment in carbon-neutral transport is one that will work for them.

The Leeds EV trials scheme is also making private hire vehicles and electric scooters available to take in as many potential converters as possible.

Overcoming Buying Objections

It’s hoped the EV trials scheme will show participants not only the eco-advantages of EV’s but also how useable they are. The trial will overcome objections in terms of the perceived lack of operating range or the availability of convenient charging points. Perhaps most important is addressing the reluctance of business to invest in green vehicles based on the perceived additional costs that are involved.

Offering assurance, Leeds City Councillor James Lewis commented

“We know that changing to electric vehicles would be a leap in the dark for some, so this trial is to support businesses to understand the charging regime without having to make an upfront financial commitment.”

Experiencing the Benefits

The core aim of the EV trials scheme is to show all the advantages of a move to an electric van and to demonstrate the considerable running cost savings these vehicles offer. Participants will get individual advice on the amount of money and emissions they will save by moving to an EV as well as their contribution to improvements in urban air quality.

So far, over 250 businesses and cabdrivers have expressed interest in the EV trials scheme. And enquiries have come from a broad range of business types including dog walkers, caterers and energy firms. As Highways England air quality specialist Christopher Plumb added:

"We are excited to be supporting this project by Leeds City Council, which encourages more businesses to try out electric vehicles. This project forms part of a programme of activity by Highways England to improve air quality across our network."

Innovative Thinking

The Truckcraft team are impressed by Leeds CC EV trials scheme. Instead of following other cities and implementing a CAZ scheme that forces businesses to move to EVs, they are leading by example and demonstrating the benefits. It’s a genuine ‘try before you buy’ approach that we’re sure will reap benefits. Leeds CC have our wholesale support.

Indeed, we encourage Truckcraft customers to come and try our range of innovative trucks and vans. It’s only when you can see and experience the quality that you can be sure you’re making a sound buying decision. We’re confident anyone who tries any part of our range will know they’ve found the best commercial delivery vehicles available in the UK today.

If you’d like to come along and try any of our range of trucks or vans, please contact the Truckcraft Bodies sales team on 0161 304 9404. Alternatively, email or

Published: Feb 25

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